Ladorada Light Almendro Soap Dispenser

SKU: SD-AL-CD-0303

Ladorada Light Almendro Soap Dispenser

SKU: SD-AL-CD-0303
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Almond shaped bone is intricately inlayed to create a unique aesthetic, which is completed with a high-gloss lacquer finish. Almendro is the Colombian name given to inlayed, cross-cut shank. It is a type of osso buco-like bone that we hand inlay, piece by piece into wood, in a floral or vertical pattern. Carefully selected & ethically-sourced natural materials allow for infinite variations resulting in one-of-a-kind designs. Every piece in our collection is entirely handmade from start to finish.
Materials: Wood, Bone.
Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Avoid using soap, detergent, or other cleaning agents. We recommend a metal polishing cloth to keep German silver as good as new.
Handcrafted in Colombia.

A contemporary yet timeless interpretation of traditional Colombian works, LaDorada is a rich collection of unique tabletop and décor items. Each luxe piece is constructed of the finest bullhorn, bone, coconut, mother of pearl and exotic wood veneers, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that strike a remarkable balance between elegant and bold.

Dimensions (in):2.8”x2.8”x7.5” |1lb


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