About Hudson and Vine

Hudson & Vine is an exclusive online retailer focusing on providing people with unique and high quality home good products by various artisanal suppliers around the world. Our goal is to help make your home beautiful and to provide a storyline about your lifestyle through our products. Our products are carefully selected through a comprehensive vendor checklist – keeping craftsmanship our number one priority.

Our profound passion in home goods translates to multiple styles across many different platforms whether its furniture, accent décor, gardening, etc. Hudson & Vine’s diversified product selection appeals  to the home good lovers who are both classic and eclectic in their style.  We don’t consider ourselves a boutique nor a mass retailer, we prefer to tread in between these labels catering to the market in an approachable and non-overwhelming idea.

Hudson & Vine was founded as a family run operation and several years later we continue to function as a family-owned business – an accomplishment we treasure. We value our consumers feedback and encourage engagement about our products. We are constantly updating our inventory to ensure we provide products ahead of the curve.

Our Mission

Personalize your home
with our one of
a kind products.

Provide top notch
quality craftsmanship.

Hudson & Vine is proud
to support other
small businesses.

Engage with an active
and thriving community of
home goods lovers!

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