Casafina Pacifica Fine Stoneware Dinnerware (Salt White)

Casafina Pacifica Fine Stoneware Dinnerware (Salt White)


Material: Fine Stoneware.
Care: Oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. As a precaution, we recommend washing oversized and more delicate pieces by hand.
Made in Portugal.

Meet our new collection for modern day life, Pacifica. As an alternative to a more traditional, lustrous look, the collection showcases a matte finish that works as well for everyday meals as it does for weekend casual gatherings. New arrivals: Salt, a beautiful white shade that complements the wide range of colors of the Pacifica collection.

Casafina offers a wide range of products from kitchenware, bakeware, tableware and gifts.
Crafted in Portugal by dedicated artisans, its fine stoneware products are unique, durable, and timeless.
Casafina is committed to the highest quality, service and design standards showcasing unique, timeless and simultaneously trendy collections. Made from the best natural (and local) resources using special glazing formulas to create beautiful finishes in one of the most environmentally conscious factories in Portugal.

Dimensions (in):
Dinner Plates: D10.75" H1"
Salad Plates: D9" H1"
Bread Plates: D6.25" H1"
Soup/Pasta Bowls: D8.75" H2" | 33 oz.
Soup/Cereal Bowls: D6" H2.5" | 21 oz.
Fruit Bowls: D4.75" H2.5" | 11 oz.
Round Ramekin: D3.75" H2.25" | 7 oz.
Ramekin/Butter Dish: D2.75" H1" | 1 oz.
Mugs: 4.75" x 3.75" H2.25" | 11 oz.
Tea cup and saucer: 4.5" x 3.75" | 7 oz.
Coffee cup and saucer: 3.25’’ x 2.25’’ H2.25’’ | 2 oz. | D4.75’’ | 2 lb 6 oz.
Oval Platter: 16" x 10.25" H1.75"
Oval Platter 13": 12.5’’ x 8’’ H1.5’’
Serving Bowl: D10" H4" | 101 oz.
Pitcher: 8" x 5.25" H7" | 55 oz.
Spoon Rest: D4.75" H0.75"
Ramen Bowl Set: bowl: D7.5'' H3.25'' | 33 oz.
Ramen Bowl: D7.5'' H3.25'' | 33 oz.
Footed Plate: D10.5 H3.5'


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Dinner Plate (Set of 4)
SKU: SOP271-VC7229
Salad Plate (Set of 4)
SKU: SOP231-VC7229
Bread Plate (Set of 4)
SKU: SOP161-VC7229
Soup/Pasta Bowl (Set of 4)
SKU: XOP223-VC7229
Soup/Cereal bowl (Set of 4)
SKU: XOS151-VC7229
Fruit Bowl (Set of 4)
SKU: XOS121-VC7229
Round Ramekin 4" (Set of 4)
SKU: XOC091-VC7229
Ramekin/Butter Dish 3" (Set of 4)
SKU: COD071-VC7229
Mug 11 oz. (Set of 4)
SKU: XOC121-VC7229
Tea Cup and Saucer (Set of 4)
SKU: XOCS01-VC7229
Coffee cup and saucer (Set of 4)
SKU: XOCS05-VC7229
Oval Platter 16"
SKU: SOA411-VC7229
Oval Platter 13"
SKU: SOA321-VC7229
Serving Bowl 10"
SKU: XOS251-VC7229
Pitcher 55 oz.
SKU: XOZ212-VC7229
Spoon Rest 5" (Set of 2)
SKU: SOD121-VC7229
Ramen Bowl Set: bowl
SKU: XOSS02-VC7229
Ramen Bowl (Set of 4)
SKU: XOS191-VC7229
Footed Plate
SKU: SOP272-VC7229



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