Vintage Vinyl Rugs

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Vintage Vinyl rugs are made to order. Lead time depends on the production status, but, typically, it will ship in about 2 weeks (Not including the shipping time).  Once it ships, you will receive a tracking number notification. 

Inspired by old floor cloths and vintage linoleum, these vibrant vinyl rugs offer warm colors with beautiful aging. They lay flat like Rugs.  Vintage Vinyl Rugs are created to have a distinctive look and feel. They are not intended to look new, and in fact should more closely resemble a vintage product or "found" item. All Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths are intentionally distressed. All whites are antiqued or aged. None of them are a bright white and for most of the Patterns there is more distressing around the edges.   All of our patterns are produced on an off-white base.  We do not make crisp white or saturated black.  They are cream or off white and charcoal or off black. Spicher & Company Vinyl Rugs are produced to have a vintage look which may include lines and marks that are visible when zooming on the product images. Vintage Vinyl is not a stiff , hard material but rather a pliable, soft one. 

Vintage Vinyl rugs are made with two-ply vinyl that has a latex padded backing. It is non-flammable, does not contain harmful phthalates, and UV-resistant for up to three years. Every vinyl rug is made-to-order using a high-quality patented fusion bonded color process.​

Vintage Vinyl floorcloth rugs are indoor/controlled outdoor. While they are fade-resistant in direct sunlight and durable against the elements, it is important to follow these instructions: If your floorcloth gets wet or is left in the rain, dry the top side and flip it over to allow the underside to dry. This prevents mold and warping. Always make sure that Vintage Vinyl is secured in place, as high winds may cause damage. Covered patios or screened-in porches are preferable in outdoor settings to ensure that your floorcloth lasts a long time. 

The digital images we display have the most accurate color possible. However, due to differences in computer monitors, we cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen. Colors depend on your screen calibration, different light sources and more. Due to our manufacturing process, color variations can be expected. If unsure, we recommend ordering swatches.

Vintage Vinyl is simple to clean. Dust mop the floor to ensure all loose dirt and/or grit is removed. Wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth. For stubborn jobs try diluted hand soap and rinse thoroughly after washing. Clean up all spills as soon as they occur to prevent staining. Do not use dish soap, harsh chemicals or abrasives, which will wear off the finish and colors of the vinyl. Do not use scrub brushes, or vacuums as this will cause damage. Steam mops are safe, provided the cleaning solution is not harsh or astringent and that no moisture is allowed to settle under the floorcloth. A care sheet is available upon request and included in each shipment.

Yes, depending on the pattern and size.

The Classic Collection in many cases can be customized, but the WILLIAMSBURG and American Folk Art Collections cannot. The Artisanry, Norwegian Wood, and Persian Bazaar Collection can only be customized in proportionate size changes.

The widest that can be produced is a 120". Depending on the width, we typically can go up to around 18'. Anything larger would have to be produced as two pieces if the pattern desired would accommodate it. There is a six-week lead time for custom mats and they are not returnable. Image proofs of all customized orders will be emailed for approval before entering production. Please email us the pattern and size for a quote.

They can be returned within 30 days of receipt.

The customer is responsible for return shipping. We do not provide free return labels. Larger sizes will result in high shipping costs. We have no control over shipping costs. If unsure about a color or pattern, we recommend ordering swatches.  

All claims must be submitted within five days of receiving the merchandise. Photographs of the defective item must be submitted along with the order number to for review.

Spicher & Company Vintage Vinyl Swatches are available for purchase.  

5"x 5 swatches are sold per pattern (all colorways included). Please email us the pattern you would like along with your address and phone number. We will then send you a payment request ($15 for the first pattern swatch + $5 each additional). The shipping cost is $10. Please be advised the current product shipping lead time is 2 weeks. SWATCHES ARE NOT RETURNABLE.

Note: Swatch Patterns may not be to scale. In most cases they will be on the smaller side to show more of the pattern and colors. Always view the exact design and size to see the scale that will be produced.

Yes, the pattern dimension changes with the size of the floor cloth. 

Sizes will vary in proportion scale. Each size option will display the pattern scale on the product page. The pattern scale will vary with the size selected. When a size is selected you will see exactly how many repeats are on that size. You can take the width size and divide by the number of repeats to get the pattern scale. The image will increase/decrease according to the size. 

It may be possible to customize the scale for certain patterns. Please email us for more information.

Yes, they are pet friendly. As with any unexpected mess, it's important to clean up right away to prevent staining. Pet nails and claws will damage the product.

Yes, it is physically possible to cut the floorcloth. We suggest a very sharp implement and that the party cutting the material be familiar with cutting vinyl.

Also, please be advised that cutting or altering the item voids the one-year manufacturer's warranty.

They are waterproof but please be sure to follow all care instructions regarding water. If water gets under the vinyl, please be sure to flip it over and wipe it dry at your earliest convenience.

It's okay if it gets some water on it. Water will not penetrate the surface, but it can get trapped underneath if it seeps over the edge. Be sure to dry out underneath the vinyl.

We have a one-year manufacturer's defect warranty. The warranty covers any manufacturing defect with the product that manifests within the first year of possession. Please email us photos with a description of the issue.

**Vintage Vinyl is durable, not indestructible. Our warranty covers a defect of the product. Defects include delamination or premature fade.

Defects do not include damages caused by vacuums, furniture, pets, etc. which are listed on the care sheet. **

Carpet pads are not necessary for Vintage Vinyl, and we do not suggest using them. Vintage Vinyl will lay flat and stay in place once unrolled on the floor. Rugs pads will negate the non slip quality and it becomes a tripping hazard.

Our Vintage Vinyl’s are certified non-slip. The underside has a padded latex backing that helps keep it in place. Especially with the larger sizes they should not move around much at all when walking on them. Sometimes the Vintage Vinyl can shift a little when walked on many times. We suggest taking the floorcloth up and thoroughly cleaning the wood floor below. Any dust or debris can prevent the floorcloth from laying optimally. If that does not correct the problem, we suggest medium grade carpet tape around the edges.

Yes, they are approved for commercial use. Please be aware in high traffic area they may wear down faster vs a residential application.

As part of the care sheet that is accompanied with every floorcloth we send out, Vintage Vinyl should not be scrubbed, and chairs are required to have felt pads on the legs to prevent scraping.  Harsh cleaning methods and scraping from heavy furniture are not considered normal wear and tear.  When used on tile with wide grout, please be aware that furniture legs or high heel shoes may puncture the floorcloth. The substrate is off-white, so any scratching or wear would leave a white mark.

Vintage Vinyl is durable but not indestructible. We always recommend using felt pads on furniture legs. Sliding or dragging furniture on the vinyl might cause damage if there isn't any felt padding underneath.

It is always best to pick up and place down any heavy furniture instead of dragging to help prevent any damage. It is possible heavy furniture could cause indents on the vinyl where it is placed.

Yes, Vintage Vinyl is ideal for most flat surfaces. It will not damage or discolor hardwood floors. When used on tile with wide grout, please be aware that furniture legs or high heel shoes may puncture the floorcloth. Use caution! We do not recommend use on carpet, gravel, or any other uneven surface. If you are using Vintage Vinyl over sealed concrete, slate, varnished wood or sealed surfaces, make sure that all sealers and varnishes were properly applied with the manufacturers recommended cure times between each layer of sealer or varnish. Improperly cured finishes may cause residual solvents, such as mineral spirits, acetone or aqueous solvents to build up under Vintage Vinyl® causing Vintage Vinyl® to adhere to the surface of the floor. 

Vintage Vinyl is designed to form to the surface it’s on so if there are any significant areas of rough or uneven texture it will mirror that.

When storing, it’s best to leave them flat or rolled.  Folding them can cause creases or might damage them.

We do not recommend for use on heated floors.

Yes, they can. They are commonly used in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, dining areas, entryways etc.’ and not only do they instantly add a touch of  elegance to every space but they also provide a durable solution to protect the flooring from scratches and common wear and tear. Our vinyl rugs do meet anti-slip standards but when wet, the upper surface might get slippery. If the rug gets wet, please wipe off the water and use extra precautions.

Vintage Vinyl is commercial grade and with proper care will hold up under heavy traffic. We do not suggest any sort of topical sealant be applied to the product as it negates the non-slip qualities. In a commercial setting with proper care around 5 years. In a domestic setting with proper care upwards of that.

We do not produce them as rolls. We created Vintage Vinyl as area rugs but if they are installed wall to wall, we recommend secondary area like powder room, laundry rooms, closets or small areas of that nature.


Our floorcloths are marketed as accent rugs, however, Vintage Vinyl can be used in permanent applications as well.  Vintage Vinyl was designed to be used as area rugs and we typically do not recommend it for permanent installations. However, if someone would like to install Vintage Vinyl then we think it is appropriate to be used in an area where no shoes are worn and has low traffic.

For instructions on how to permanently adhere Vintage Vinyl®, please email

Yes, Vintage Vinyl Rugs can be used on-top of any floor surface without causing damages. The interaction between hardwood flooring and vinyl flooring is known to be problematic mostly when using rubber-backed mats.

Typically it should not take long but it is common for it to not be flat when first unboxing Vintage Vinyl. You can reverse roll it to help it flatten out quicker by turning it over and rolling it tightly the opposite way. You may have to do this a few times depending on how tightly rolled it was. Then lay it out to naturally relax over time. After doing this if within a couple days there are still creases, please email us photos.

You must allow at least 2 full days after doing the reverse roll technique before submitting a claim.

No. It should only be placed on a flat even surface. Vintage Vinyl is a non slip product that is designed to form to the surface its on so if there are any significant areas of rough or uneven texture it will mirror that. A fibrous or uneven surface such as carpet does not allow for the product to do that and in fact can cause it to be a tripping hazard.

Yes, Vintage Vinyl can be used in high traffic settings but will show wear sooner vs lower traffic areas.

They are low profile and will stay flat so no tripping hazard!

No, we do not recommend Vintage Vinyl as a stair runner. We have had people install pieces on the vertical stair riser part.