How to Prep Your Garden for Fall

Ah the sunny Summer days are past us now which means cooler temperatures and eventually less sunlight. If you prep your garden for the Fall and Winter months ahead we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised with how healthy your garden will be come next Spring. Here are three quick tips to help ease the transition.


  1. Use Cover Crops

You don’t want your crops to be exposed to harsh winter conditions. Covering them with cereal rye will help keep the soil alive and and active during off season. Cereal rye will not only work to keep your soil healthy but aides in reducing erosion. Many suggest planting the cereal rye in late Fall, up until a predicted frost.


  1. Add Mulch

Never underestimate the power of mulch. Walk around your garden and assess what areas needs to be addressed. If necessary, add new plants and soil as well.


  1. Potted Plants

We are not in the position to bring in our potted plants just yet. The Fall season gives us the gift of cheerful Sunflowers, lush Mums, and delicate Russian Sage. We suggest taking advantage of these beautiful flowers adding them to your interiors or exteriors.

Looking for new pots to plant your Fall flowers? Look no further! We suggest:

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Mulberry Hanging Planter.

Green Leaf Clay Flower Pots

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